EventsCRM public debut was at the 2018 DJEXPO in Atlantic City, NJ. At first, People where scared to go near it. Then some of the big named DJ companies stopped by to take a look. The big DJ organizations fell in love.

EventsCRM is not just a booking system or event management solution. It is a TRUE CRM (customer Relationship Management) system, a booking system and a total business management solution for the Events World. It helps you capture your leads from multiple sources and mange them threw till post sales. It helps you keep track and manage customers event after the events is completed. Manage Customers, Events, Staff, Payroll, Emails even Manage projects. Yes, we have everything that all of the other guys have too; Customer portal, calendar, etc… And PAYPAL, is not the only payment option we can work with. Even our single user solution allows you to plugin your own credit card processor.

What made us better then the computation?
Our World Class Customer Service and our dedication to our customer’s satisfaction. Our ability to customize our solution to work with our client’s business process and not force them to change theirs.

Everyone that visited our booth stated that we have built a total package for the Industry that does not need anything else.
We also want to thank all that visited. See you all soon.