EventsCRM, is not just a simple basic CRM system or booking manager. It was designed to help event Entertainers (DJs, Singers and Bands), Photographers, Videographers Event Planners and Event Organizers manage their clients, team and events.

List of features EventsCRM has:

  • Clients – track all clients’ related data and activity.
  • Client Portal – Allows clients to view and update event info
    • Appointment & Meeting – allows client to view and schedule meetings and appointments with staff via the web portal.
    • Bridal Party – allows brides and grooms to update Bridal Party names aka “Finals Forms”
    • Music Selections – Allows Client to select the music to be played
    • Music Sampling – Allows Client to sample the song they would like to have played
    • Contract & Invoice Viewing – Allows client to View and print the latest contract and invoice(s) from home
    • Payment Portal – Allows the client to view and make payments online.
  • Contacts – track contacts that are employees of a client or stand alone individuals
  • Events – track and manage events and details in a central location to better manage jobs
  • Sales – track your sales with
    • Quotes – build a quote within the EventsCRM
    • Invoices – build Invoices or convert the Approved Quote
    • Cost & Profit – understand the cost and profit per line item as they are entered
    • Total Cost & Profit – Get total cost and profit per job/project.
    • Contracts and Agreements – create contracts and agreements based on the products and services the client is purchasing
    • Commissions – track commissions based on sales and agreements with subcontractors.
    • Payment Tracking – Track payments made/applied to an event or Invoice and the outstanding balance.
    • Payment Processing – Accept and Process credit cards and E-Checks (requires Merchant account and 3rd Party Gateway processor)
  • Products & Services  – track the Products and Services you sell, sold and report on profitability
  • Rentals – Track the items you rent out to clients or are using on a job.  Never over book or allocate the same items to more then one events
  • Project Management – create production projects
    • Assign Tasks – assign staff and employees tasks to complete projects
    • Milestones – set milestone targets for the team to met
    • Automation – set automatic reminders if target goals are not met.
  • Communication tracking – keep a history of all e-mail communication between your organization and clients.  Red, Reply and Send emails directly from the system.
  • Calendar Entries – track and sync your desktop and mobile calendar with EventsCRM
  • Vendors – track your vendors
  • Staff Management – manage staff, time off, Time Card and payments
    • Employees – can keep track of calendar, assigned events, worked hours (time sheets)  and  request time off
    • Contractors –  can access assigned events and the basic required details.
  • Email Integration – can integrate to most email systems to allow for email sending, reading and attaching the email into EventsCRM for historical information..
  • Reports – build and filter reports on the fly.
  • QuickBooks – interface face options to QuickBooks or any Accounting system.  Eliminate the double entry of data.
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The Client Portal is a safe and secure way for the clients to view details about the event.  They can fill out all the required forms that are needed before the event.  Ex: the Bridal party and the order they will enter, the music to be played during the announcements, the names of the speakers, the parental dances and the do and do not play selections.  The solution can be embedded  into any website and will extract the latest data from the CRM system.  The solution has a drag and drop function that allows clients to simply drag and drop the song they want in the area they would like.  The music function is linked to a popular music service that allows your customer to sample the song before they select it.The Client Portal has a safe and secure communication technology to simply take online payments from your clients using a credit card or electronic check.  It can also have a set schedule to automatically charge the client’s payment on regular bases until the balance is paid off.

EventsCRM is a Cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.  It is safe, secure, cloud hosted and is accessible via an internet connection.  This allows all personal to access the same live data no matter where they are in the world. Event Staff can access all the required and necessary data from any device; in the office or while working an event. Each organization can access its own EventsCRM system via a URL that matches their own Domain name.

EventsCRM has Built-in Security and selective data access.  This feature allows the selective data to be viewed by authorized personal, departments or teams. Hide opportunists, leads, sales, commissions and employee personal data from prying eyes. Allow the assigned person or team to access the necessary or select data based on job title.  Sales team members can only view own territory leads and clients, while Executive team can view all data across the organization.

EventsCRM can interface with your website to help track Leads generated via the website.  EventsCRM a WordPress Plug-in that allows you to capture leads from the contact us form, have clients put all of their events data, check your events availability calendar, upload or add notes and messages to an event and more..


EventsCRM can make productivity effective and efficient with the automated Workflow rules.  EventsCRM will automatically trigger events, activities, reminders and automate the process based on the business process and business management. Send off Branded “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” e-mails automatically at a set time.  Auto assign records, tasks and events based on specific data or conditions.

EventsCRM can help manage not just your events, but also allow you to manage your business in an effective and more efficient way.  It eliminates the manual process of small, tedious, and time consuming yet important tasks with automated workflow and Artificial Intelligence.  EventsCRM can eliminate the 2nd guessing and reduce employee errors, by applying rules and automating the process.


EventsCRM is highly customizable, scalable and flexible to fit any sized organization. No matter the size of an organization, EventsCRM can be scaled to accommodate any size.  it can be customized using its Modular approach to allow for adding data fields or sets.

Not every organization or business operates in the same fashion or captures data identically. EventsCRM is customizable to allow the business to continue operating the way it became successfully.  EventsCRM does not change a companies process, it adapts to the company’s process and eliminated the timely steps.


EventsCRM can sync each user’s calendar with their personal calendar (smartphone, desktop, online calendar) using Google Calendar sync. The system will auto add calendar entries to the users’ personal calendar once they have been assigned an event or task. Allows events mangers to view staff availability prior to assigning tasks or events.


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